Power & Precision you can feel on track

Our specialised race car performance engineering and mobile maintenance service gives you the competitive edge.

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of being on-track in a purpose built race car. At Pinnacle Road & Raceworks we share that passion and dedication to unlocking performance from your car, building highly engineered race engines, suspension systems, braking components and handling packages that will help you shave lap times and drive with absolute confidence.

Premium Race Services


All performance starts with the engine and there is no replacement for displacement.

The team at Pinnacle Road & Race Works work closely with race teams of all types to build custom engine solutions and performance parts to increase power, deliver torque and finely-tuned balance.


Handling of any race car is paramount to drivability and performance.

We can take care all of your handling needs from steering components to track-specific suspension setups, downforce management and overall balance. Ask us today how we can help with your race car.


Add extreme stopping power to your race car and unlock performance.

Lap time is found in the braking zone and our experienced technicians at Pinnacle Road & Race Works can get more power, consistency, reliability and balance from your racing brake system.

  • V-Sport
  • Martini Racing
  • MCA Suspension
  • Michelin
  • Blue Chem
  • VCM Performance