Building Road Cars Like No Other

Pinnacle Road & Race Works are specialists in catering for all types of road cars and daily drivers, delivering unparalleled reliability and everyday performance you can rely on.

We have vast experience with almost all makes and models, complying with all safety and roadworthy standards no matter what your goals are. More performance from your daily car? Need a tune or new parts for your classic muscle? Ask Pinnacle today on how we can take your road car to the next level.

Premium Road Services


Quality purpose built engines that are ready for the road.

At Pinnacle Road & Race Works our engine builds are second to none. We work meticulously with engineering specs and performance data to build an engine that suits your driving style.


Get that exhaust note you’ve always wanted and add performance.

Exhaust systems are a great way to unlock hidden performance and give your road car a better sound. Our exhausts are OEM quality, tailored for your vehicle and meet all environmental standards.


Take your car to the extreme with our heavy duty 4×4 solutions.

Whether you are looking to give your off-road machine more power or fit 4×4 accessories for weekend adventures, Pinnacle Road & Race Works are your one-stop performance shop.

  • V-Sport
  • Martini Racing
  • MCA Suspension
  • Michelin
  • Blue Chem
  • VCM Performance